General Information, Mosquito House League Tournament, 2018 (North London Baseball)

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Here is a reminder of the Bermuda Triangle / LDBA rules with a few added ones that pertain to the tournament.
  • Leading Off – No leading off until the ball has left the pitchers hand. If a player leaves early he will be called out. (Teams will receive 1 warning).
  • Stealing bases are not allowed.
  • Pass Balls/Wild Pitch – Runners can’t advance on pass balls or wild pitches.
  • No Bunting allowed
  • Pass ball on 3rd strike – The batter is out and may not run on a third strike missed by the catcher.
  • Infield fly rule applies
  • No Balks
  • Pitch & Catch – Players can’t pitch & catch in the same game.
  • No runner for the catcher with 2 outs.
  • Pitch Count Limitations (Rookie aged player cannot pitch).
    • A pitcher may not pitch more than 70 pitches in a calendar day. If the limit is reached while facing a batter, the pitcher may pitch to the earlier of: (i) the completion of that batter or (ii) the end of the inning.
    • If a pitcher throws more than 45 pitches in a calendar day he/she cannot pitch the next day – the player must have 2 nights rest.
    • Pitchers can't pitch on 3 consecutive days.
  • Last Inning – No new inning to start after 1 hr 45 min from the start time with a hard cap on games at 2 hrs from scheduled start time. Last completed inning will be used for final score. Exception: If there is a tie at 1 hr 45 min, the teams will continue to play until a team wins.
  • Run Max – 5 run max/inning. Last inning is not unlimited. Final inning will be played regardless of score.
  • Mosquito – 6 inning game. Mercy rule – 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 after 5.
  • Running for catcher with 2 outs is not permitted.
  • Game is considered complete after 1 hour from the scheduled start time in the case of cancellation due to Rain/Lightning.
  • Wood bats are Legal.
  • A coin flip will decide the home team.
  • Home team keeps score and the visiting team will be the official pitch counter (verify pitch count after each inning)
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