7U (North London Baseball)

AGE GROUP:           7 years old

PARK LOCATION:   Various (North London)

FREQUENCY:  One weeknight (day TBD, 6:00-7:30) and one weekend (day/time TBD), June-July (Start date TBD)

DESCRIPTION:  This program further introduces the fundamentals of baseball to the children. Children will begin to develop agility, coordination and balance. Rules will be introduced as kids begin playing in games weekly. Program is broken into segments with segment 1 being true baseball style off of a tee with outs and scores recorded. Moving to segment 2 - coach pitch and further skill development becomes a focus. Finally segment 3 introduces the pitching machine allowing players to become prepared for the next level of baseball 8U (Rookie).

The program typically starts in June. 


Fielding: introduction to positions (minimal)

Fundamental Movement Skills: Agility - able to touch 6 cones placed in a star shape, while always looking forward

Throwing: able to throw 6/10 balls to a partner/target 25 feet away

Receiving: able to field 3/5 ground balls to the right and left. not moving and progressing to moving

Hitting: Able to hit 6/10 underhand balls passed the base paths

Base running: able to run 20 feet followed by a feet first slide on grass (no base)


  • Baseball glove.
  • Batting helmets are required.
  • Athletic supports are required.
  • Uniforms & hats are provided.