4U (Blast Ball) (North London Baseball)

Print4U (Blast Ball)


3 & 4 years old


Rotation of Stoneybrook P.S., St. Kateri C.S. and Montcalm S.S.


Monday Nights, 6:00-7:00 pm, June-July (Start date TBD)


4U (BlastBall) is an ideal way to introduce your youngster to the wonderful game of baseball. The name of the game here is HAVING FUN!! Team sizes are kept small to ensure lots of repetitions (which improves development) as well as fast-paced action (for those short attention spans). The structure used is very simple and can be picked up very quickly by the children. Foam bats and balls are used to keep it safe.

Players will learn catching/hitting from hand eye co-ordination drills and they will learn to run to first. 4U introduces the basic fundamentals of baseball- hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding in a FUN, fast-paced action environment. Parent participation is encouraged and strongly currently recommended at this age level.

This program runs for 8 consecutive weeks starting in June.

4U introduces all five of the basic fundamentals of baseball (& many other sports) :

  • Hitting
  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Running
  • Fielding


    • Baseball glove is not required, but can be introduced.
    • Batting helmets are not required, but for optimum safety, they are recommended.
    • Athletic supports are not needed.
    • Long pants are recommended.
    • Jerseys & hats are provided.