11U (North London Baseball)


10 & 11 years old


North London Athletic Fields, Northridge Fields & Stoneybrook Recreation Fields 


Teams will typically be on the field 2 nights/week (1 game/ 1 practice). We do our best to keep all games during the week (Mon-Fri). Schedules are determined after registration closes. 


11U marks the transition from introductory programs to baseball. This is the first year for live pitching, catching and base running.  Coaches will incorporate new concepts and improve on fundamental skills to encourage better development of pitchers and hitters. Teams are balanced by skill level and the focus is on fun within a team atmosphere. The length of the bases are 60 feet and the pitching rubber is 45 feet from home plate.  Umpires use modified baseball rules.

Baseball Canada has strict rules put in place for pitch counts and the NLBA has rules for fair play that all coaches are informed of before the year starts. Teams will consist of 10-14 players. 


  • Pitching - basic pitching stance, throw 5/15 strikes, basic pitching fundamentals 
  • Fielding - fielding position knowledge/range, proper fielding stance is introduced, throw 10/15 balls to 1st from the short stop position, able to field grounders to the left and right 
  • Hitting -  able to hit 10/15 fair balls or in between cones from live pitching, run 1st to 3rd with a slide at 3rd, NO BUNTING (for HL) 


  • Gloves are required.
  • Batting helmets are required.
  • Athletic supports are required.
  • Uniform (hat, jersey, pants, socks, belt) is provided.
  • NLBA provides Catcher's gear.