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Umpiring is an essential role that ensures fair play, upholds the rules of the game, and creates a positive environment for young players to develop their skills and enjoy the sport. As an umpire in minor baseball, you play a crucial part in facilitating the game and maintaining its integrity. The information and links that follow aim to provide you with an overview of what it means to be a minor baseball umpire and the key responsibilities associated with the role.

Key Contact(s)

Umpire Assigner (Angela) - [email protected]
Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) - VACANT

Officiating Duties:

Your primary duty as an umpire is to enforce the rules of the game. This includes making calls on balls and strikes, fair and foul balls, safe and out calls, and other game situations. Be CONFIDENT and ASSERTIVE in your decision-making, but also be open to discussing calls with other officials if needed. Remember - you can only call what you see.

Rules and Regulations:

As an umpire, you must have a strong understanding of the rules and regulations of the game. Familiarize yourself with the rules of our leagues and age divisions prior to your assignments so that you can make informed decisions during the game.

House League Playing Rules - 9U to 18U
Rookie Ball Rep/Select (Basic) Rules - 8U/9U

Game Management:

Maintaining control and managing the flow of the game is an important aspect of umpiring. Be proactive in managing the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators to ensure a safe and respectful environment. Address any unsportsmanlike conduct or rule violations promptly and appropriately.

Pre-Game Meeting Discussion (a.k.a. Ground Rules)
Warnings and/or Ejections

Professionalism and Respect:

Exemplify professionalism and respect in your interactions with players, coaches, and fellow umpires. Maintain a neutral and unbiased stance, treating all participants fairly and consistently. Remember that you are an ambassador for the game and set a positive example for others.

Enjoyment and Passion:
Umpiring should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Embrace your passion for the game and contribute to the development of young players. Celebrate their successes, encourage fair play, and foster a love for baseball.

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