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Umpire-In-Chief (UIC) - VACANT


We have applied to host an in person clinic on the following date:

Sunday April 2, 2023
9:00am - 1:00pm.
Lucas S.S. 

What do you need to do now:

Register as an umpire with NLBA using this link this will confirm your interest and keep you on our list to get updates regarding the clinic.

We only host level 1 (1.1, 1.2) and level 2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) clinics.  Level 3 certification is done through Baseball Ontario.  Please reach out directly regarding Level 3 and we can give you some idea of what that looks like.  Clinics are all out of town and are a half day.

It is my understanding that if you have an 'On Deck' account - which you should if you did the online module last year, you can register with Baseball Ontario for the clinic. We will keep you posted with instructions as they become available. 

Here is a bit more info and their website

More updates will come out as soon as they are available. 

Feel free to send questions to this email address and tell anyone that you know that may be interested in umping this season to sign up.  We will get this call put up on our Facebook page as well.


Pay Rates and Level/Age Requirements:

The pay rates are as follows: $25 for level 1 (first and the second year), $35 for level 2 (third, fourth, and fifth year) and $45 for level 3 (sixth year and on). 

In order to umpire a rep game, we always start by looking for umpires who are at least 2 years older than the players. On occasion, you may be scheduled for rep games with players who are the same age or 1 year younger than you. If this happens and you believe you are not ready, please reach out to Nao.

The following is a guideline we follow to schedule games by level. It is very flexible and depends on the number of umpires available, but it is to let you know what games you should expect to receive.
- First-year umpires should expect to umpires house league games up to Peewee.
- Second-year umpires should expect to umpire house league games up to Peewee and rep/select games up to Mosquito
- Third-year umpires and older should expect to umpire any available games

This is a job, so please treat it as such. Do not cancel last minute, show up on time, and always try your best. The day before a game, reach out to your partner and decide where you will meet, confirm who is doing plate and base, and any other details. You should always bring your equipment to a game, even if you are not doing plate, as sometimes emergencies come up.

All umpires are expected to arrive at the field 15 minutes before a house league game and 20 minutes before a select/rep game, and NO LATER. We recommend arriving even a few minutes before that to ensure you are on time.

All umpires should have an umpire shirt, an umpire hat, and grey umpire pants. We can provide these, so if you need them, please reach out. You are also expected to have umpire plate equipment (mask, chest protector, shin guards, a plate brush, a clicker, a ballbag, and a jock). 

Below is our cancellation policy:
- If it gets cancelled prior to 15 minutes before the game, there is no pay
- If it gets cancelled within 15 minutes of the game or called when you arrive at the field before the game starts, you get half pay
- If it gets called after the game already started, you get full pay.
- If your partner does not show up or you do a game alone, you get 1.5X pay.

We have tournaments every weekend in August except the first one. We also have a tournament on the first weekend of September. This is a great opportunity to work a lot of games and make some money before the season ends. Please add these dates to your calendars as we will be looking for umpires. 

Warnings, Bench Restrictions, and Ejections:
We hope that you do not need to use any of the above game management tools, although we understand that it is sometimes necessary. If you have any questions about using the above tools, please reach out to me.

If you give someone a bench restriction or ejection, you must contact me right after the game and fill out the following form, which is also on the LDBA website:

If you have a bench restriction or ejection during your game, please make note of the key details (who, what, when, why). You will need to include this in your report.

We look forward to an amazing baseball season. If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Ethan Gasee